A Numbers Company

Ultra-precise marketing solutions

Numbers matter…but sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to explain why. A research and marketing firm came to me with a rebranding project. This smart, sophisticated number based company helps businesses zone in on their customer’s habits, providing ultra-precise marketing solutions using patented technology. We had a history of success working together, so it was natural that I would be the person they’d call to help translate their digits creatively.

Finding a modern, catchy visual identity was the first task. A capital T, created entirely out of numbers was a strong representation of their name and function. Once that was approved, I worked to create a memorable tagline and redesign of their corporate stationery and branded PowerPoint presentations. In addition, I designed an entirely new look and feel for their website, adding case studies and making the connection between their reliability, commitment and stellar results. The client was thrilled. Who knew digits could be cool and so much fun!


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