Forward Water Technologies

Cleaning up a wastewater treatment brand

Forward Water logo

“To attract more clients and investors to our revolutionary technology, we needed simpler messaging and a better web presence. In working with David, he delivered what he promised, a new company visual identity reflecting professionalism, innovation, and market uniqueness.” Grant Thornley, VP Engineering Solution Sales

Forward Water Technologies is a company revolutionizing the process of treating wastewater using a patented forward osmosis process. Their technology is perfect for industries like mining and oil and gas that need water treatment solutions that cost less and are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, their website and sales materials were far from radical.

Forward Water approached me for help with their website, but before starting that project, I persuaded them that they needed me to look at the basic visual elements of their brand. The elements include a comprehensive palette of colours, a family of fonts, proprietary graphics, and a much-needed update of their wordmark. This would establish a visual identity, so all their marketing was consistent.

When updating their wordmark, I opened up the letterspacing to be legible at small sizes, redrew the icon to emphasize their sustainable treatment process, and adjusted the brand colours to be less “dirty”.

With an approved visual identity, the website was the next step. It needed to explain the company’s patented forward osmosis process and why it was valuable to potential clients in key industrial sectors. The site’s strategy was to communicate visually with diagrams, graphs, and infographics. There were pages dedicated to mining, oil and gas, and other industries that demonstrated how they could benefit from the forward osmosis process.

The overall impression was a clean, modern company with innovative, sustainable water treatment technology.

Scope of work

Forward Water Technologies logo on a background of bubbly water
Forward Water Technologies logo on navy background
Font family, Gradation graphic, Colour palette, Before and after wordmark
Diagram of water treatment process