OE Utility Services

More than just a hydro excavation company

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“David created a compelling brand identity that seamlessly bridged our former company logo to the new one while mitigating confusion with our existing customer base. The rebrand and transition were remarkably smooth. It is a testament to David’s creative and strategic capabilities with graphic design and branding. We are very happy with the results.”Barry Wood, CEO of Ontario Excavac (OE).

A Careful Evolutionary Approach

Since 1996, Ontario Excavac (OE) has been a leader in hydro excavation, with an excellent reputation and a recognized brand. Its loyal customer base has continued to grow, and the company has expanded its service offerings well beyond hydro excavation to include a broad range of utility service support. I was approached to help evolve the OE brand to reflect a more current company image. However, maintaining the company’s recognition with existing customers and industry stakeholders was vital. Working with my partner, Yvette Thornley, a marketing communications expert, we determined the best strategy to pursue was a careful evolutionary approach to changing the brand. This included an updated brand identity and a new company name.

Our research found employees and customers often shortened Ontario Excavac to the acronym OE. Retaining the acronym as part of a new company name would help maintain brand recognition during a relaunch of the business. Pairing the initials OE with “Utility Services” helped reflect the array of fully integrated utility support services beyond hydro excavation the company now offered its customers. We also kept the Get More Out tagline because it was still relevant, had brand equity, and provided another element of recognition to the organization.

Shape and Colour Created Consistency

My task was to design a symbol that conveyed the new company while keeping a connection with the old branding. The approach was to use colour and shape to maintain that consistency. The new symbol is composed of the letter o that surrounds the letter e using the original navy and bright blue. Bold lines played an essential role in the old logo, so the letter o is made up of a series of curved lines. These shapes are meant to convey a multifaceted company with an array of integrated services. Finally, the circular symbol has movement, suggesting a forward-thinking company offering more than hydro excavation.

Scope of work

Photography © Per Kristiansen